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1. What instruments do you rent?
2. Do you rent new or used instruments?
3. Are the used instruments in good working condition?
4. Are your instruments good quality?
5. Is there a difference between a quality instrument and a non-quality instrument?
6. What brands do you rent?
7. When is the best time to reserve an instrument?
8. Does Mikes Music have economy rentals?
9. My daughter is going to start playing the clarinet and I've heard there are different types. Do you know what type I should get?
10. Do I have to purchase my own mouthpiece?
11. Does the instrument come with a case?


12. Another music store said to me, "if their rates are so low, you have to wonder about the quality of instruments". Can you explain, why ARE your rates so low?


13. Can I rent a new instrument?


14. Does it really matter if my child gets a new or used instrument to learn how to play it in school?


15. If I decide to rent from you, do you need my SIN number?


16. If we need to return the instrument, what's the refund policy?
17. What happens if my child has to change instruments during the year?
18. What do I need to rent an instrument?
19. Why do you need my credit card #?
20. I don't have a credit card, can I use my friend's card?
21. Do you rent instruments for one month?
22. Can I rent on a monthly basis?
23. What do you define as a school year?
24. Do you have a rent-to-own plan?
25. If my daughter likes the instrument, can I buy the instrument?
26. If we decide to purchase the rental instrument, is the rental money applied to the purchase price?
27. Do I get a discount if I rent more than one instrument?
28. What is the webform about?
29. Can I come in to get and fill out the webform?
30. Can I use my work email address?
31. Can I reserve an instrument by putting down a deposit?
32. Can I reserve one now, even though we won't need it until September?
33. Why is my deposit non-refundable?
34. Do I lose the non-refundable deposit?
35. Instead of putting a non-refundable deposit, can I just pay the entire rental cost?
36. I provided my credit card # for the contract, but, can I pay with my interac or by cheque?
37. Do I need to make an appointment to pick up my rental?
38. Do you offer extended hours to pick-up rental instruments?
39. Does Mike's Music offer lessons for rental customers?
40. My son wears braces, should he be playing trumpet?
41. Do I have to bring the instrument in during the rental period for regular maintenance?
42. Do you offer a replacement instrument if mine needs to be repaired?
43. Are repairs covered by Mikes Music or do I have to pay for them?
44. If the instrument is not functioning properly during the rental period, do you offer school pick-ups, or do we have to bring it in?
45. Can I wait while my rental instrument is being repaired?
46. What does Mikes Music consider normal wear-and-tear?
47. Can I let my teacher or parent repair the instrument if they know what the problem is?
48. Do I have to purchase a care kit for my instrument?
49. My child picked the clarinet. Do I have to buy my own reeds for the clarinet?
50. Are there any other accessories you recommend?
51. Can I rent my instrument over the internet?
52. Can I rent the same instrument for the next school year?
53. My child may need the instrument for more than one year. What happens when the instrument is due back at the end of the year?
54. When we bring the instrument in for the regular maintenance at the end of the school year, how long will it take to get it back for the summer?
55. Do you offer insurance with your rental instruments?
56. What happens if the instrument is stolen. Who pays for it?
57. If I rent an instrument from Mike's Music, do you deliver it to the school?
58. Are all your mouthpieces sterilized?
59. If I purchase an instrument, do you offer a buy-back plan?
60. Do you rent any stringed instruments?
61. Do you rent percussion instruments?
62. Do you rent professional instruments?
63. I live very far out of town. Can you ship to me?
64. Can my son lend the instrument to his friends?
65. Do I need to bring the contract with me when I return the instrument?